About Sarah

Sarah's paintings are full of colour and expression, splashes of pink on a pale blue sky.  She looks to nature for inspiration, swapping the everyday colours for a palette much bolder, much brighter, often using neons to rev up the feel of the painting, in an effort to respond to the wildness of a landscape and to offer an intense vision to the viewer. Her hedgerows become rosy, juicy waves of colour, her skies often bright orange or gorgeous cerulean blue. 



Sarah's process of painting is expressive and very physical.  Sarah starts  by making small oil paintings, sketches and expressive drawings from photographs.  The same motif is repeated over and over in various formats, from small pencil studies with watercolours, to huge canvases. Layers of colour in oils, acrylics, spray paint and oil stick are applied over days or weeks, often working on several paintings at a time.

The abstraction comes through the love of the materials: mixing up a vibrant teal and chucking it across the surface of a work, the smearing of oil stick onto canvas, digging in  hard with a graphite stick or literally watching drips of oil paint trickle down a board.... the plasticity of the paint and the smell... teamed up with a flicker of a memory can take a painting into a whole new direction.



2019 'Identity & Self' Group Willesden

         Art Gallery, London

2019 'Art West Weekend' Open Studios

          Regents, London

2018  'Art West Weekend' Open Studios

           Regents, London


2017   Solo Show NW10  Gallery, London


2008-  Open Studios,

2012   Great Western Studios, London