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Sarah Neale exhibition of new paintings at Worldly Wicked Wise Gallery 15th Oct to 31st 20

Press Release



Secret Places

Sarah Neale

15th to 31st October 2022


Sarah Neale’s paintings are an extension of the senses, painting instinctively, inspired by nature, influenced by dance music and some of the great Masters of Art.  Her work draws upon the world around her and her own movement simultaneously. Hampstead Heath, Margate and Norfolk skies are the catalyst for many of the works.


Secret places

Secret places. Romantic places. Hidden places. Dangerous places, Passionate places...

Through energetic brushstrokes and layers of colour, Neale’s emotionally charged landscapes, her Secret Places emerge, full of desire and longing. Neale’s writhing seascapes and tempestuous skies are a contemporary nod to Turner. Shades of brown and soft hues of pinks, collide to reveal intriguing woodlands and rampant heathlands.  In certain paintings, Neale plays with the idea of sexual vulnerability, incorporating French Rococo artist Watteau-inspired figures into the dark, abstracted landscapes. Neale’s suggestive works explore the duality of female vulnerability and autonomy: delicate and naïve on the surface but brimming with sexual desire beneath. Beautiful innocents or persuasive temptresses in pursuit of their own happiness? In Neale’s Secret Places there is always an underlying force of passion at play.


The Artist

Sarah Neale studied Fine Art at Camberwell, University of the Arts London and subsequently completed a PGCE at the IOE, University College London. 

Sarah’s artistic process is inherently expressive due to her dynamic ‘hands-on’ approach. She notes; ‘The abstract force in my work comes from my love of colour and my love of the materials. Smearing a delicious magenta across the surface of a canvas with my fingers is a total joy for me. A flicker of a memory teamed up with the plasticity of the paint, its smell... takes my painting in whole new direction.’ Sarah lives and works in London.


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